January 10, 2016

Jen FelcanSmith

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I had practiced yoga in my younger life, but over the past 14 years it had changed into my passion. From that moment, I realized I had found my second calling.

I couldn’t wait to grow my practice and share it with others. I got myself Certified as a Yoga Teacher and continued with my education to become Yoga Alliance RYT 200, and I’m currently working to RYT 500.

My classes are passionate, challenging, flowing, warm-hearted and geared towards all levels of students. I strive to have each person feel better, mentally, physically and spiritually, then when they walked into class.

I focus on alignment to the individual, not just the posture at hand. I like to work through weaknesses and build up strengths in hopes of furthering their practice in whatever way suits them best.

“I thought I had found yoga, but in reality, yoga found me…and thru it I’ve found my true self.” Jen FelcanSmith